sE Electronics RF-X Portable Vocal Booth

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SE Electronics RF-X Portable Vocal Booth is basically a portable device for recording live sound sources with reduced ambient. Using the same US-patented design technology as the industry standard Reflexion Filter Pro, the new RF-X has been conceived to answer the needs of Home studio that doesn’t proper acoustic treatment and also to help record takes in control rooms, where the singers and musician has to operate the recording device or even in a rehearsal studios to reduce ambient noise. It is also a useful tool for music producer that doesn’t have a proper room to do recording. Instead of renting a place and put up all the diffusers to cover the room which is a high budget thing, users can get the clean sound they want just by using this reflection filter. Bring it along and record it anywhere anytime you want. For Singer, musician and music producer that’s looking for a clean start to do recording, RF-X reflection filter is definitely the portable device for you!



Main features of RF-X Portable Vocal Booth

  • An incredible tool for home studios or for recording in the Control Room
  • Adds that extra polish to your recordings by starting at the source
  • Removes problem ambience without acoustically treating a room
  • Rear of the mic is isolated producing a smooth, drier sound
  • Excellent for live or studio; vocals, instruments, amps and percussion


What does sE Electronics RF-X do?


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User Guide

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